World Trade Centre Gibraltar

World Trade Centre Gibraltar

Update 23rd June 2014

Work begins on the new WTC on the site of Marina Bay car park very soon.  There is an announcement at the entrance of the carpark that it is to close in July 2014 ready for work to begin.  Heavy equipment is already preparing the way, and the new showroom offices are being spruced up already.

A new WTC is to be built here in Gibraltar, and not so far away now.  Gibraltar has made leaps and bounds in the last 12 months, with EU recognition now on the world stage of finance and with major new office development.

World Trade Centre

Companies can come and register in Gibraltar and trade throughout the European Union.  What Gibraltar has lacked, up until now, is physical infrastructure, that physical infrastructure is now becoming a reality and Gibraltar is soon to be the new home of the new World Trade Centre.

Now that’s impressive!