We’re ready to go – Chuck Hagel

We’re ready to go – Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel says US is 'ready to go' BBC interview

Chuck Hagel says US is ‘ready to go’ BBC interview

Breaking news only minutes ago, Chuck Hagel, US Secretary of Defence, has stated in an interview with the BBC, that America is ‘ready to go’, when asked if President Obama were to give the order to attack Syria, are they in a position to do so at the press of a button?

This in the wake of allegations that chemical weapons have been used in Syria by the Syrian Regime and not the rebels and Russia growling in the background … actually slightly more than growling.

Russian convoy passes through Strait of Gibraltar 2012


But for anyone who’s not been paying attention to the Syrian issue on the news please watch the following youtube film by SourceFed who sum the whole thing up eloquently, and then read on …


Over the past few months at least both Russia and the US have been strategically positioning naval forces in and around the Mediterranean, not to mention Cameron using all the political smoke screen that Gibraltar has to offer in sending naval warships into the Mediterranean under the guise of the Gibraltar border queues, as rightly predicted by gibraltar-tourism.com months ago something else is going down!

The UK has been preparing it’s warships for any attack or action on Syria.

So how will all these developments affect Gibraltar?  The latest hostilities with Spain will of course disolve.  All ridiculous talk of fighting a neighbour, no matter how long the arguement of Gibraltar has been going on, will disappear, and quite rightly too, because we are EU neighbours and allies with Spain.  Spain and the UK have been allies for years, and as Gib is part of the UK, so Gib is an allie, and a very important one.

We have Moron Airbase and Rota naval base not far away, as published by gibraltar-tourism.com back in May of this year, suddenly the increased US military presence is clear.

Although Gib likes to be quite insular, shut her eyes and ears to what is really going on in the rest of the world and continue pretending that we’re all still living in the 1950’s, there’s no denying that something serious is about to happen, or at least could.  And things have definately been building for quite some time.

Wonder why Russia suddenly decides to pay a friendly visit to the beautiful island of Cuba at this precise moment in time???

All any of us can do is watch and wait.  But one thing is for certain, all the problems in Syria kinda put the bickering between Spain and Gib into a tiny little box, an infinitesimal  one at that.

Author John Middleton – gibraltartourism@europe.com