UK protests over Gibraltar shooting

UK protests over Gibraltar shooting

Don’t panic it’s not as dramatic as it sounds.


The BBC news headline makes it sound as if citizens of the UK are taking to the streets of London, Birmingham and all major cities in defence of Gibraltar.  No such luck, it’s just the Europe Minister David Lidington, but bless him at least he’s speaking up.

If only schools back in the UK had Gibraltar as a large part, or even small of the curriculum then maybe everyone back home would appreciate the issues.  Well we can only hope that maybe one day Gibraltar will become as familiar word as Sussex or Essex to those back in the UK.

In the meantime the BBC reported:

Britain has protested in the “strongest terms” after an “illegal incursion” by a Spanish Guardia Civil vessel into British waters around Gibraltar.

Europe Minister David Lidington said a Spanish officer had fired a weapon during the incident on Sunday.

He said he had sought assurances from Spain that there would be no repeat of the incident.

Spain disputes Gibraltar’s sovereignty, which has been a British colony since 1713.

In a statement, Mr Lidington said: “I spoke today with Spanish minister for the European Union, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, in order to protest in the strongest terms following an incident on 23 June in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW).

“During an illegal incursion by a Guardia Civil vessel, a Guardia Civil officer fired a weapon.

“I made clear that the discharge of a weapon in or near Gibraltar is completely unacceptable. I urged Senor Mendez de Vigo to investigate urgently and to take action to ensure that this will not happen again.

“I can also confirm that I have instructed the chargé d’affaires in Madrid to reiterate this protest in person to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to request a full explanation.”

In 2012, Gibraltar and Spain clashed over fishing rights around the territory. Gibraltar police boats confronted several Spanish trawlers after they cast their nets near Gibraltar harbour.

Perhaps if the media in the UK could offer the people of Britain a truly gripping insight into real life in Gibraltar then the people back home would understand and appreciate us.  All very well for light hearted programs such as Britain in the Sun, following a handful of privileged cranks who finish work at 2.30pm (unlike the rest of us here in Gib), but Gibraltar has so much more about her than that.  We admit it is a start to raise awareness of our existence, but do we really need ‘The only way is Gib’ because a lot of the issues are no laughing matter.

John Middleton –