Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 . I n t e r p r e t a t i o n
1.1 In these Terms:
“C o m pa n y” means [Gibraltar Tourism]
“C u st o m e r” means the purchaser of Goods from the Company.
“G o o d s” means all goods sold and/or delivered by the Company to the Customer.
“T e r m s” means these terms and conditions of sale.

2. Ap p li c a t i o n
2.1 These Terms apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods by the Company.
2.2 No amendment, alteration, waiver or cancellation of any of these Terms is binding on the Company unless confirmed by the Company in writing.
2.3 The Customer acknowledges that no employee or agent of the Company has any right to make any representation, warranty or promise in relation to the Goods or the sale of the
Goods other than as contained in these Terms.

3 . P r i c e s
3.1 Prices are determined at the time of order and, prior to payment of the deposit, are subject to change without notice.

4. P a ym e n t
4.1 Payments are to be made to the Company without any deduction or discount other than as stated in these Terms or in the relevant invoice or statement.
4.2 Payment must be made in full.

5 . De li v e r y
5.1 Goods will be shipped by ordinary post unless the customer specifies priority shipping in which case shipping charges will vary depending on jurisdiction

5.2 The Company will despatch goods within 24 hours of receiving payment in full, delivery varies depending on the shipping address.

5.3 The Company will issue a confirmation of despatch to the customer.
6.  R i sk a n d I n s u r a n c e
6.1 The Goods are entirely at the risk of the Customer from the moment of delivery to the
Customer’s point of delivery or on collection, even though title in the Goods has not passed to the Customer at that time.

7.  Title

7.2 The Customer will receive title of the goods on delivery and will be solely responsible for the condition of goods, subject to manufacturers warranty and 2 day settling period for customer satisfaction.
8 . I n s pe c t i o n
8.1 Unless the Customer has inspected the Goods and given written notice to the Company within 2 days after collection or delivery that the Goods do not comply with the relevant specifications or descriptions, the Goods are deemed to have been accepted in good order and condition.

9 . C a n c e lla t i o n s
9.1 No order may be cancelled, modified or deferred without the prior written consent of the Company (which is at the Company’s sole discretion). If such consent is given it is, at the Company’s election, subject to the Company being reimbursed all losses, including loss of profits, and paid a cancellation fee (being not less than 20% of the invoice price of the Goods).

1 0 . Li m i t e d L i a b i li t y
10.1 In the case of damaged or defective goods the company shall, at its descretion, accept returns and send replacement goods so long as the customer notifies the company no less than 2 days after receiving the goods.

1 1 . Wa rr a n t y
11.1 All Goods supplied are covered by such warranties as are specified by the manufacturer and supplied subject to the product standards detailed by the manufacturer.  However, at the descretion of the Company, will try to assist with customer satisfaction to resolve any issues arising from damaged, defective or unsatisfactory goods.

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