Gibraltar border queue live webcam


Gibraltar border queue live webcam

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As the row escalates between Britain and Spain David Cameron has called for European monitors to visit the border between Gibraltar and Spain to see for themselves the excessive border checks that are causing highly distressing delays to commuters, including Gibraltarian locals, Brits and other nationalities and especially Spanish citizens.

But why does David Cameron have to urge the EU to go there when there is a perfectly good live webcam that anyone can watch day or night:


Gibraltar Border Queue


Now the situation is getting so bad that day tour coaches bringing tens of thousands of tourists to Gibraltar every day to see the sights are not willing to risk the long delays. Rather than sit in traffic for up to 3 or 4 hours just to deliver their tourists into Gibraltar, only to have to make the return journey one hour later, not allowing the poor long suffering tourist time to do anything except use the loo and buy a bottle of water and prepare for the long wait back out and then the long journey back to the Costa del Sol, the coaches are opting to drop off in Spain and have the tourists walk in.

The situation is badly hurting the Gibraltar tourist industry, which is obviously part of the plan.

There is no need for the EU to come and see, it is all there for the world to see live on the link above, and now the world is watching.

And much ado is being made about the British warships due to arrive on routine exercise shortly. HMS Westminster, a type 23 frigate, left Portsmouth naval base in Hampshire, to join nine other vessels taking part in a pre-planned international training exercise called Cougar ’13 in the Mediterranean and Gulf. So pretty unlikely to shoot at any Spanish warships, which would of course be a declaration of war and raise eyebrows all over the place to say the least.

So where will all this chest beating end?

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