anti-bullying campaign Gibraltar

anti-bullying campaign Gibraltar

Oxford dictionary definition of a bully:

  • a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Celebrities, including Julian Lennon, who recently visited Gibraltar to open the John Lennon  museum, have joined together to raise awareness of bullying.  Please watch the film below which includes a host of celebrities.

To quote Julian Lennon, anyone who joins the march on this should be proud.

Gibraltar Tourism are gathering support from corporations and employers in Gibraltar to implement and support anti-bullying in the work place.

We’ll be publishing a list of corporations in Gibraltar that support anti-bullying.  We will be approaching most of the major employers within Gib and asking how they deal with bullying.

Bullying occurs in many parts of society and not just at school and work, we’ll be exploring other forms of bullying in the weeks to come.

This latest entry on our Gibraltar anti-bullying series has been published by John Middleton of Gibraltar Tourism.

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