Sunborn Gibraltar

Sunborn Gibraltar

7th June 2013 – See photos from the planning department published here on today

nerves are fraught over the anticipated arrival of the new Sunborn to Gibraltar, not only from the directors and CEO’s of the company

Gibraltar is expectantly waiting for the arrival of the new Sunborn Floatel, a classy five star floater, real James Bond style material, promising a bright new future for young aspiring Gibraltarians.

But where is she in transit?  Where is she coming from?  Where are the photos?

Boasted as a mass employer and boost to Gibraltar’s economy, we all await the arrival of the Sunborn Yacht Fixed Floating Hotel at Ocean Village/ Marina Bay with bated breath.

Sunborn is due to make her debut in Gibraltar in less than 13 days according to official reports, which by our estimates would make her first appearence on Gib shores on or around 19th June 2013, but we are awaiting confimation from CEO’s of the Sunborn project whether she is on schedule or not.

There have been a few contraditions in the media as to whether or not this Sunborn is the only Sunborn in the world.  Some publications have suggested that there are other Sunborns, however have not been able to find satisfactory or substantial, google, yahoo, Bing or Tripadvisor reviews for the Sunborns, as one would expect, even with a modest B&B in Torquay one would expect more than a few reviews from a concept existing since 1998, neither is there an innundation of youtube films, in fact there is little or no mention of the Sunborn except on Gibraltar official PR machine.

Gibraltar Tourism look forward to seeing a new and innovative idea such as the Sunborn, not only to create jobs but also to promote Gibraltar, but there are many, many questions left unanswered, and a great deal of mystery, all very exciting and intriguing:

Where is she coming from?

Which boatyard has been revamping her?

If the ship is brand new then why does she need to dock at Gib naval docks for a lick of paint and some televisions fitting, that sort of thing (quote from Brian Stevendale CEO Sunborn on YGTV interview) who also adds that there is stakeholder from the government of Gibraltar!  Interesting!  The charasmatic Mr Stevendale also goes on to say that Gibraltar is losing out to neighbouring Spain because there are no hotels nearby to offer the same high standards.

Most perplexing is that Gibraltar Toursim can’t seem to find any evidence that any other Sunborn exists anywhere else in the world, so will Gibraltar really have something that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world?  If so then that in itself is a selling point.

Whatever the case, the workers at Marina Bay need to get a wriggle on if they are to finish their work in the next 14 days, photos of development coming soon on the new dock for Sunborn.

Can’t wait to see it when it arrives…


By John Middleton –


Sunborn Gibraltar 

James Bond lifestyle job opportunities for young Gibraltarians

Interviews start today 30th May 2013

Press Release…



“Five Star” Jobs for Gibraltar


Having unveiled its exciting vision for Gibraltar in last week’s media, five star yacht hotel Sunborn Gibraltar is now gearing up for a Recruitment Open Day on Thursday 30 May.   Up to 200 permanent roles are available for local candidates.


Brian Stevendale, CEO for Sunborn Gibraltar, says, “As you can imagine from a yacht hotel with 189 rooms and an array of five star dining, leisure and event facilities, we have a considerable number of roles to fill.  Some will be more immediate, we’ll need staff to work on the commissioning process when Sunborn Gibraltar arrives in less than three weeks time, and others will need to be in place when she’s operational in the second half of 2013 – although training will start much sooner.  We want to offer young people in particular a real opportunity to come onboard, undergo an apprenticeship and learn five star hospitality skills which will leave them in good stead for future international employment.  It’s what Gibraltar deserves.”


Taking place on Thursday from 2pm to 7pm at Sunborn Gibraltar’s development offices within Sotheby’s on Ocean Village Promenade, the Recruitment Open Day gives potential candidates a chance to meet the team and find out more about job opportunities with Sunborn.  It’s an informal information-gathering exercise and all people need bring are their questions and an up-to-date CV.


Brian finishes, “We’re bracing ourselves for huge interest on Thursday as it’s such a unique brand and concept.  Sunborn Gibraltar will for some time be the only five star yacht hotel in existence in the world, the first of a fleet that is destined for some of the most iconic cities around the globe including London, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo and St Petersburg.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to participate in this incredible journey from the very beginning.”


Sunborn Gibraltar

Ready to welcome guests in the second half of 2013, Sunborn Gibraltar is the latest 150 million euro addition to the revolutionary floating hotel fleet.  Standing proudly in Ocean Village Marina, set against a backdrop of the iconic 1,400ft ‘Rock’, Sunborn Gibraltar counts 189 guest rooms, 90% of them with outdoor space, and all with full-height glazing to capture the Mediterranean views.


142 metres long and a height of seven storeys, Sunborn Gibraltar exudes five star elegance in its rooms, casino, Spa and fitness centre, casino, cocktail lounges, fine dining restaurants and grandiose ballroom – the ultimate setting for a lavish celebration.  Conferences and events are equally well catered for in flexible meeting space for up to 540 delegates.


Sunborn Gibraltar is an essential addition to the territory’s hospitality offering and meets a growing demand for luxury hotel and convention facilities in a flourishing economic environment.  Visit Sunborn Gibraltar’s dedicated website



Sunborn super yacht due to arrive in Gibraltar …

watch this space……. exclusive photos coming soon

coming soon


Written by Gibraltar Tourism – John Middleton