Sunborn reservations Gibraltar

Sunborn reservations Gibraltar





You can reserve and book your room on the Sunborn Gibraltar and see the latest prices, offers and availability here.


For the ultimate in not only luxury but a unique experience, there are very few Sunborns in the world and Sunborn Gibraltar is located in one of the greatest places in the world.  With 300 days of sunshine, set in the exotic heart of Ocean Village, this superyacht offers everything in opulence.

She is a one off and not just for the wealthy.  Now officially opened after a soft opening period, as obviously there are always teething problems with brand new hotels, she is doing her very best to be the best.

You can read her Tripadvisor reviews here but we’ve already taken a few quotes from guests who have stayed onboard.  Not just the positive but some of the negative points too, so that you can make a fair and informed decision:


I’d been staying in Algeciras for two nights and it was quite awful. Decided to check out and find a hotel in Gibraltar. Found this first. Great service on phone and was cheaper to book online, which I did, and they gave me an immediate upgrade. I wish I had come straight here on Monday. Facilities in you are great, quite techie, but I love the space and the coffee pods and fully stocked mini bar. The staff have been great from helping me out of the taxi to providing directions. I wish I could stay longer, but I have to leave on Saturday morning. Now I know Gibraltar is so close, and I’ve found a hotel I’m already loving, I can see some long weekends being booked.

Room Tip: I was upgraded to a deluxe room which has a Juliet balcony and is very spacious, even for two.

I have to say everyone was unsure and dreading it, but aside from the poor Tradewinds it is a success.

1. Top notch service 
2. Good food and not bad prices
3. Amazing view

I wouldn’t rate the suites at the front of the boat for the money way over priced, but the main rooms good location, spacious and good value.

Inside bar and reception beautiful and gives a great first impression. The manager seems to care and politely addresses your questions.

Overall a winner

Room Tip: Out to the sea spain directions

Presented as a 5*, the hotel has the potential but is not a 5* yet. The staff are helpful and friendly, although one of the cleaners complained – in Spanish – that I had the “do not disturb” sign on and she could not make the room. Well… I thought that was the purpose of it. Other little things that need fixing: Sat-TV went randomly blank for 20-30 seconds with no apparent reason. The fancy home automation system for open/close curtains, set the aircon, switch ligths on/off is boring to use. I was alone but the door-less bathroom and the see through glass panels could put some people off.
the plus points:
The bedroom was comfortable and very clean. The shower is amazing. I liked the convenient usb socket for charging phone and tablet. Electric sockets are both UK and Euro. Breakfast is varied and even the cappuccino was good.
All considered it is the best hotel in Gibraltar.

  • Stayed June 2014, travelled on business