Sunborn Gibraltar photos and specifications

Sunborn Gibraltar photos and specifications

All images below of the Sunborn are available on the Gibraltar Government Website information services and are in the public domain, please refer to the link below.

Direct from the Gibraltar development projects planning department – wonder what she looks like inside?  Some answers below:

Red indicates official and exclusive press release from Sunborn:

Is it really the only one in the world?

Sunborn has had yacht hotels in London and Finland, but this is the first self-propelled one of five star status.  Sunborn Gibraltar will, for some time, be the only five star yacht hotel in the world.  However, Sunborn has expansion plans for other iconic cities in the world and more will follow in due course, but not immediately!

This is huge for Gibraltar as this will, for the time being, be the only destination in the world where clients can experience a five star floatel.

Is it accurate that the Sunborn will arrive in Gibraltar in 14 days?

There or thereabouts, maybe slightly earlier, but straight into Gibdock for the commissioning process.

sunborn construction 1

Pictures of the Gibraltar Sunborn super yacht hotel destined for Ocean Village Marina Bay, in the boatyard Malaysia.  Photos presented by Sunborn company for planning application.

Where is it sailing from?

The shipyard that Sunborn owns in Malaysia.

sunborn construction 2

 Is it self propelled?

She can be, she does have engines, but is not designed for cruising as the fuel tanks are small etc

sunborn 3

 And can it’s progress be tracked on the shipping satellites?

No, her radar is not on as she is on a yacht transportation vessel to protect Sunborn Gibraltar throughout the long crossing – and to get her here faster.

sunborn 4

 How soon do you think any tantalising interior photos will be ready? are keeping this one under wraps at the moment so you’ll just have to wait and see …..

sunborn 5

 Is any of the interior decor inspired by any famous designers?

Again, for now are keeping the secrets of Sunborn safe, but we’ve been given some big hotel design names, all to be revealed in due course.  One clue we can give is that some top designers of luxury hotels and royal palaces have been commissioned.

sunborn 6

 Do you have a celebrity lined up for the christening and if so any clues as to who?

Nothing to reveal at this stage.

Guess’s, suggestions, ideas anyone!  Will Sunborn bring an international celeb to Gibraltar for the opening?  Who would you like to see?

sunborn 7


sunborn 8


sunborn 9

sunborn 10


sunborn 11


sunborn 12




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