Rock tour Gibraltar

Rock tour Gibraltar

For the ultimate way to see the apes, views, St.Michaels cave with the added bonus of your own personal guide, take a taxi tour.  It is the most expensive with prices usually around £25 or 30 euros per person, (a minimum of 4 people are required with most taxis), but it is definitely the first class and best way to see the rock.

The taxis are specialist, so don’t confuse them with just a driver who takes you up and drops you off.  These guys are licensed and experienced guides, and are actually part of the attraction, although they probably don’t realize it themselves.

We have a list of local taxi drivers who we recommend for the very best experience, but in reality all the taxis are great, we haven’t come across a bad one yet :)

The tours last about an hour and a half, but again that varies depending on your driver.  You can take your chances and pick one up at the frontier, or Casemates Square, or Trafalgar Cemetary, but really it is best to book in advance, especially if you like that five star feel of your driver waiting for you with a sign with your name, and this doesn’t usually cost any extra.  It just means you can plan your day better.

See the wonders of St.Michaels Cave

st.michaels cave

and travel to the very top, a road where you can look down both sides of the rock and sometimes experience the cloud rushing over like something out of Thriller.

There are other options available, with and without guides, but this is the most expensive, but definitely the best way.


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Rock tour Gibraltar
For all the information and selection of how to see the Rock of Gibraltar, this short article gives some useful tips to travellers intending to visit Gibraltar who want to plan ahead.