The Spy Shop

Private detective agency Gibraltar.

Whatever your problems, marital disputes, need some research carried out discretely, observation, cash going missing from your tills, pilfering, divorce evidence, need answers and quickly.  We offer a no result no fee service and a free consultation.

hands in the till Gibraltar

Our team

We have a highly experienced and effective team of operatives capable of carrying our a range of services, each a specialist in their own field, from observation to research.  All of our team are sworn to confidentiality.  We listen to your problem and identify your needs before embarking on any instructions.  Client confidentiality and trust are our main priorities and we work with clients to help produce results or solve problems.

Our services

We offer a range of services both commercial and private including matrimonial, surveillance, corporate issues, professional witnesses, sworn affidavits and statements of truth.  We can provide information on hard copy, photographs, films or on flash drives.

If you have a problem or are in need of the services of a PD agency then the first thing we need to do is meet and discuss your individual needs at no charge to yourself and assess the best way forward to get the fastest results and resolve your issues.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so email today for your free consultation and someone discrete to talk it through with.