Lifestyle in Gibraltar

Lifestyle in Gibraltar

What is it like to live in Gibraltar?  Good question.

Life in Gib can be great, but that all depends on how you enter into the spirit of things.  It can be tough too, tougher that back in the UK.  Gibraltar is a very small place with a lot of people living in it and you can easily find yourself on the wrong end of a big fish in a tiny little puddle.

There is of course the old saying, how to find a small fortune in Gibraltar?  Answer, bring a big one.  So if you are thinking of coming down to invest or start up a business be ready for the wild west because you are bound to tread on someone’s toes.

The whole system is set up to protect the interests of the established, new comers are not necessarily welcome, unless they come as tourists for the day with pockets full of money.

So prepare yourself to stand firm, plan your strategy and finances for the long haul, be willing to get a job doing anything, not so much for the money as to find your feet, some friends and the lay of the land.

No exaggeration, Gib is not for the faint hearted, many a broken bank balance and heart have cried all the way back on the nearest Easyjet.  It may be nice to come for a holiday and see the place through rose tinted glasses but relocating may become something you once dreamed of but regretted once here.  So take your time and get it right.

This site is an attempt to give some insight into the real Gib and help new comers find the answers they need.

Good luck!

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Lifestyle in Gibraltar
An article on the realities and pitfalls of moving to Gibraltar. Offering advice and information.