Job Centre Gibraltar

Job Centre Gibraltar


If you are living in the UK or outside of Gibraltar and want to relocate, then of course you want and need to know where the job center is.  That is going to be your first port of call in relocating to Gib.  But jobs are not available online.  You need to come and a do a recky of Gib to find out how to get work.  The link above will show you all the latest prices and availability for booking a hotel room for a mini break and short visit to check out the feasibility of moving here.

Where is the job centre located in Gibraltar?  Are you job hunting in Gibraltar?

Unit 76/77 New Harbours, Gibraltar

Tel: (350) 20011000
Fax: (350) 20073981

Not that easy to find, but it is hidden inside an industrial estate called New Harbours.  You need to go along Rosia road and you will see a grey industrial estate on the right hand side with red trim.  There is also a large indoor carpark if you are travelling by car, by bus ask for Rosia Road but get off before you reach Rosia Bay.

The Job Centre, which is actually called the ETB, is located on the first floor of the estate.  You have to climb some metal stairs, it all seems very unlikely but this is where you will find it.

Jobs are advertised but no contact details, you will not be allowed contact details until you are registered for employment.  This does involve some form filling.

For more information or to access online forms that can be printed off click here.job centre Gibraltar

Further information:

Employment Service

The Employment Service offers a Job Centre facility to persons registering as unemployed. The main function of the Job Centre is to ensure that all registered unemployed persons are provided with every possible opportunity that will enable them to secure suitable employment.  Employment Officers are available to assist in matching registered unemployed persons against notified vacancies and arranging for job interviews with potential employers.

All notified vacancies are readily displayed in order to best assist registered unemployed persons to identify any suitable employment opportunity.

Registration Unit

All ‘businesses, trades and professions’ (i.e. every person who has a place of business in Gibraltar or who carries on business in Gibraltar) are required to be duly registered.

Similarly, an employer must notify the engagement of a worker not later than the day on which that engagement commences. A ‘Notice of Terms of Engagement’ constitutes the formal notification document for this purpose.

Employers must likewise register any vacancy arising within their establishment and notify the termination of employment of an employee within 7 days of date of termination.

The Registration Unit is thereby in a position to compile the relevant statistics in relation to Gibraltar’s labour market.

Labour Inspectorate

A team of appointed labour inspectors is responsible for the enforcement of statutory provisions contained in the Employment Act and subsidiary or related legislation.

Statutory provisions apply, for example, in relation to annual leave, sick pay, redundancy payments, notice periods, standard minimum wage, specific industry group conditions of employment, issue of pay slips, etc.

Under the Employment Regulation (Offences) Act, labour inspectors are empowered to issue fixed penalty notices that can range from £375 for failure on the part of an employer to register a termination of employment to £1500 for failing to register a vacancy, the engagement of a new employee or the request for a work permit.

The Labour Inspectors constitute a valuable source of information to employers and employees alike as regards due compliance with rights and obligations as set by employment legislation.

Health and Safety Inspectorate

Health and Safety Officers are appointed under the Factories Act.  In being responsible for the enforcement of the provision of the Factories Act and subsidiary legislation, the inspectorate is tasked with several key functions.

The main function of the Health and Safety Inspectorate is to ensure that work places comply with statutory provisions in relation to prescribed health and safety standards.

Instances of non-compliance can result in the imposition of an ‘Improvement Notice’ or even a ‘Prohibition Order’ that will in effect bring work operations to a standstill until such time as the Health and Safety Inspectorate is satisfied that required safety standards have been duly complied with.

The Health and Safety Inspectorate is further empowered to investigate accidents occurring at a place of work with investigations sometimes leading to prosecutions.

The Health and Safety Officers constitute a valuable source of information to employers and employees alike as regards due compliance with rights and obligations as set by health and safety legislation.

Work Permits Unit

Persons who are non-entitled to work in Gibraltar (e.g. non-EEA nationals. See notes below) will require the prospective employer to request the issue of a work permit before commencement of employment.

Various conditions will need to be met by the employer before approval may be granted for the issue of a work permit.  A work permit is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months.

The employment of a worker for whom a work permit is required without the employer having first obtained such a permit is an offence and a fixed penalty notice of £1500 may be issued to the employer.

Note 1

Swiss nationals do not require a work permit for employment in Gibraltar.

Job Club

Further to the Job Centre services offered to registered unemployed persons, the Job Club aims to assist the longer term unemployed; that is, individuals who have remained out of work in excess of six months.

The Job Club further assists other disadvantaged groups such as ex-offenders, recovering addicts and single parents who could be experiencing particular difficulty in returning to the labour market.

Under the guidance of two employment counsellors, the Job Club offers practical job seeking skills (e.g. going for interview, preparing CV’s, completing application forms, contacting employers) and workshop based initial training in various general job related skills (e.g. customer care, computer literacy, job fundamentals)

Insolvency Fund Claims

The Insolvency Fund is intended to allow employees to claim payments due to them (in respect of pay, annual leave, notice periods, etc.) but not paid as a result of their employers’ ‘insolvency’.

For the above purpose, ‘insolvency’ includes cases where an employer ceases to carry on the business, trade or profession in which the worker was engaged.

An application for payment from the Insolvency Fund must be made as soon as possible and in any case not more than thirty days after the employee becomes aware of the employer’s insolvency.

Happy job hunting!

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