Hotel reservations and bookings Gibraltar

Hotel reservations and bookings Gibraltar


There are various options available in and around Gibraltar to suit most budgets and needs.  Starting with the most expensive and working down:

Sunborn Gibraltar –


From 191 euros per night

A new concept in hotels this is a modern, large, floating hotel, designed to look and feel like an ocean liner, but static.  Billed as five star, with great reviews for the interior decor and attention to detail, however some reviewers have been critical as it is in the early days and there are a few wrinkles to iron out.  Prices seem to vary greatly depending on seasonal demand, but some reviewers have suggested that they have paid as much as £6000 for a week (as a group).

Book the Sunborn Hotel here


Eliott O’Callaghan –


From 123 euros a night

a great central hotel and not quite sure why it is not billed as five star as this is a very clean and modern option, just off Main Street.  Highly rated on Tripadvisor.  Very comfortable rooms with a luxurious feel.

Book the Eliott in Gibraltar here



The Rock Hotel

rock hotel

From 150 euros per night

This lovely old hotel is currently undergoing renovations to bring it up to date, but part of its charm has always been that it is like going through a time travel worm hole back to the days of Agatha Christie.  English tea, pink gin, and a full colloquial feel.  This again is a hotel that should be billed as five star, but sadly is not.  Perhaps 4.5 would at least be fair to this friendly and luxurious inn.

Book the Rock Hotel in Gibraltar here

The Caleta Hotel


From 137 euros per night

Great Mediterranean views, balconies over looking Catalan Bay, which very much has the feel of a private beach.  This hotel is located on the eastern side of the rock, so not so easy to access the center, but there is a good bus route and if you are looking for a feel of exclusivity then this is the one for you.

Book the Caleta Hotel Gibraltar here

The Bristol Hotel Gibraltar

bristol hotel

Basic and cheap.  Near the Eliott, just off Main Street, so if you are running to a budget and really just need somewhere to lay your head at night, this is ideal.





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Hotel reservations and bookings Gibraltar
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