The Great Gibraltar treasure hunt

The Great Gibraltar treasure hunt

Clue number one.  What is the Nasdaq code for the company that conducted underwater research to try and retrieve the treasure from a famous UK sunken ship from the coast of Gibraltar in 2001?

When you think you have the answer click here.

It’s free, it’s fun and it’s for everyone.  The first online treasure hunt with a unique prize.  The first clue will be published here on 1st August 2014, the answer to the clue will be the password to access the next page and clue and so on.

One clue will be published each week, seven days after the one before.  Ten clues in total.  On the final page there will be a secret email address, and the winner will be the first person to email the final answer to the hunt, along with their name, address and telephone number.

Answers to all the clues can be found online so that anyone anywhere in the world can participate from the comfort of their own home, no matter how far away they live.

Each clue will try to highlight and educate people about lesser known facts and names of Gibraltar, unsung heroes, services, places and landmarks.

The prize is a gold crown (not solid gold), and the title ‘Squire of the Rock of Gibraltar’ (an unofficial title, but completely for fun)

So how well do you think you know Gibraltar?  There can only be one ‘Squire’.  But could that be you?

All answers to clues are caps sensitive and have to be accurate because they are passwords and only when you get it right will the website allow you access to the next level.

The winner must provide an address where the prize can be sent, and must agree to have their name published on this site at the end of the hunt.

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The Great Gibraltar treasure hunt
It's free, it's fun and it is for everyone. The Great Gibraltar treasure hunt.