Gibraltar UEFA

Gibraltar UEFA

EUFA here we come.  Meet Gibraltar.  She is a one off and we’ll see how she fairs in their competition.

Gareth Ginge

Beautifully drawn by Gareth Gingell a portrait of the future

For the first time Gibraltar has been listed among the 53 members.  A truly momentous occasion for Gib.

Gibraltar has been planning to build a stadium to more than match any other in the world at Europa Point, however this has hit controversy as can be seen by the great discussion amongst Gibraltarians here on the open discussion  Facebook group ‘Speak Freely’ where people can get a real perspective of the truth.

The main objection against the new stadium seems to be that some Gibraltarians object to the building of the football stadium at Europa Point not because they live near it but because they use the current vacant Europa Point as a place of space and tranquility to escape from the pressures of Gibraltarian life.

However opposition claims that the sacrifice of the area is needed to compete on the world stage of sport. There’s no doubt about it Gib is a real small place with limited options for a worldwide sized football stadium.  Even masters of sea reclamation have got their work cut out for them trying to find a better spot.

Europa Point has been a wasteland, generally unused and unappreciated by generation after generation.  Finally someone has had an idea of what to do with this huge expanse of Gib real estate that no-one has ever wanted, not even the Spanish or Moores, it just happens to be attached to the rest of the rock, and now an answer.  Football.  It all makes so much sense.

But not everyone is happy.  Some residents of Gibraltar say that they need Europa Point to be kept as an unused point so that they can find solitude. So who has the right and what is the answer?

Not clear if everyone’s opinions will be taken into account before the new build starts but Fabian Picardo’s government does have a history of sensitivity and consideration, so the jury is out on this one!