Gibraltar Rock Tour prices and options

Gibraltar Rock Tour prices and options

How much is it for a rock tour in Gibraltar?

Excellent question.  There are three options to see the monkeys and the upper rock nature reserve.

Cable Car option

cable car

1.  Cable car – currently 2015 prices are £12 return per person.  The cable car goes up and down every ten to fifteen minutes on average and you can stay up as long or as short as you like.  There is a cafe up there and monkeys’.  But the cable car only goes from the bottom to the top so you do miss out of other sights such as St. Michael’s cave.  Also don’t take any food or bags because the monkeys at the cable car top station are very aggressive.  The bottom cable car station is located just under the Rock Hotel.  It takes about one hour to walk from the frontier to get to the bottom station and beware on days when there is an ocean liner as waiting times can be as long as 2 hours.  You can check if there is a big ocean liner in on the day you are visiting at the link below:

Port Authority Schedules

If the ocean liner is 1000 passenger capacity or less then it shouldn’t be too bad, the big ones are 3000 – 4000 and days to be avoided.

What you will see from the cable car – experience of going up and down in the cable car, great views, apes, but not other sights. £12 each


Minibus group tour option


2. Minibus tour.  The minibus tours carry about 25 passengers each and are organised by the larger groups.  Air-conditioned, multi-lingual, and you get to see all the sights except the very knife edge top.  When booking a day trip or rock tour to Gibraltar from the Costa del Sol hotel reception, you will often find that they book you with others as a group on these types of minibuses tours which are very good.

What you will see in a minibus tour – Europa Point, St. Michaels Cave, Apes Den, Great Siege tunnels, lots of monkeys. Price depends on hotel you book through.


Taxi tour option


3. Taxi tours – These are the most expensive type of Rock tour but undoubtedly the best.  Generally £25 per person, the taxis have to pay a £10 fee for each passenger they have to enter the Nature Reserve.  So the taxi actually gets paid £15 per person and that is why it is £25 per person.  They usually go with a minimum of 4 people, so if you are a couple you may have to share with another couple or family, but the taxis are kept in excellent order, air-conditioned, and each taxi driver is a character all in themselves and they love to tell great stories and usually name the apes and interact with them.  You can book in advance with the drivers as there are some with websites online, or you can just rock up on the day and find them at the frontier, Casemates Square and just before you find the lower cable car station.

What you will see: – Everything, Europa Point, St.Michaels Cave, all historical military exhibits, knife edge very top of the rock, apes den, with full private tour guide. – Average price £25 per person.

Hopefully all that information will give you some idea of how much it costs to do a rock tour.