Gibraltar Port Authority

Gibraltar Port Authority

The Strait of Gibraltar is undoubtedly one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and the Gibraltar Port Authority play no minor role in daily activities and movements.  Whether you are looking for information about when your ocean liner docks, weather conditions and weather warnings in the Strait, license information, live shipping movements or general information, you can find it here.

Their site is an absolute wealth of information regarding shipping. ¬†Ocean liner schedules for the whole year, a live map, accurate weather reports for the local area, shipping movements, maritime services, weather and tide and a webcam (that isn’t working at the moment but will be soon)

Below live cruise liner schedules for Gibraltar – use the scroll bars below to navigate

Below live shipping movements in the Strait of Gibraltar – use the scroll bars below to navigate


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Gibraltar Port Authority
Live information about cruise schedules at the Port of Gibraltar as well as live shipping movements.