Gibraltar needs Britain

Gibraltar needs Britain


With tensions rising between Gibraltar and Spain over boarder delays and incursions into UK waters, many Gibraltarians are turning to the UK in hope of support and back up to defend them against spain.

With the many, coincidental high profile media visits bringing attention to the existence of our tiny enclave to those back in the UK, such as Towie, Top Gear, New Tricks and of course the marvellousl masterpiece of Britain in the Sun, the profile of Gibraltar has certainly been raised back home, and has possibly provoked some sympathy.

But what has it been like for UK Brits coming to live in Gibraltar over recent years?  How easy is it to get a job, equal rights, what are the schools and hospitals like for those outsiders coming for a new life in the sun.

Is it that UK’s are welcome as tourists with pockets full of money, or redundancy packages, inheritance or other means of small fortunes to sink, or is it a different case for those hard working hoping for an even chance.  What has life really been like here on the rock over the past 10 years or so.

And now that Gib is in need of a bit of back up, perhaps there is a slightly more friendly face being shown.

Is there an anti-Brit tone until the proverbial hits the fan, or are Brits welcome in good weather as well as to help weather spanish storms from across the boarder?

At we’ll be asking these hard hitting questions in the weeks to come.  We are already conducting covert studies of local Brits, their homes, school life and business’s to see if they are treated any differently.  We’ll be revealing if it is true that in Gibraltar it’s who you know and not what you know.  For example, how do the police treat outsiders in comparisson to Gibraltarians, are licenses more readily granted to locals than UK’s.

The results will be published here exclusively for future  Brits and other nationalities, whether hedgefund managers or hard working families and individuals to judge whether Gibraltar is a fair minded and safe place to move to.

All will be revealed soon, so be careful Gibraltar because right now it’s looking like you need Britain.

Author John Middleton –