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We took a sneak look at what visitors say about the hotels in Gibraltar on the Tripadvisor website.  Fascinating reading with all the usual criticism and praise, but we did our own survey to try and work out the rank listings.

Below, we based our ranking on Tripadvisors own statistics and got some very interesting results.  We took the total number of reviews, less the total of terrible, poor and average, and then divided that again by the total number of reviews, giving us a percentage ranking;

(Gibraltar Tourism experience and descriptions in pink)

Number one  with 70 reviews Con Dios 94% customer satisfaction                                    (a cute little family run B&B on the sea)

Number two with 21 reviews Sunborn  76% customer satisfaction                                      (5 star on the sea, only just opened, watch out for the see through loo)

Number three with 729 reviews The Eliott  69% customer satisfaction                      (Stylish, chique and central)

Number four with 397 reviews The Caleta  68% customer satisfaction                 (Romantic Mediterranean views and Grace Kelly feel)

Number five with 913 reviews The Rock Hotel 66% customer satisfaction                 (Fabulous Agatha Christie era, English tea, time travel)

Number six with 6 reviews Governors Inn 50% customer satisfaction                           (cosy and cute)

Number seven with 316 reviews The Bristol Hotel 34% customer satisfaction         (Victorian feel and look)

Number eight with 92 reviews The Cannon  31% customer satisfaction                       (Great pub B&B, simple and central)

Number nine with 127 reviews The Queens Hotel  30% customer satisfaction           (handy for the cable car)

The Emile Hostel doesn’t seem to have a Tripadvisor page that we can find.  However locally they are highly recommended.

So it seems that Gibraltars two boatels have come out on top, with Con Dios ranks ahead.  Also a completely different order to the one on Tripadvisor.

Comment of the week has got to the be the remarks about the glass walls on the Sunborn, including the loo if you please, as one reviewer below explains :)

Will agree with the reviewer above who mentioned the glass shower and toilet doors. It is ok if you are with someone you know well and feeling comfortable with. Not sure about a romantic stay with someone you only started getting to know. I was in the toilet room when a handyman came in to fix a light in the room and I froze on the seat to avoid being noticed by him.

Gibraltar Hotels and hostels

Jill & John


Tel: 00350 20050755  or 00350 54001899


2 Governor’s Parade,

T: +350 200 70 500
F: +350 200 70 243

General enquiries & reservations:

The Rock Hotel

General enquiries
Tel / Fax: + 350 20073000 / + 350 20073513


Bristol Hotel – ☆☆☆
(+350) 20076800
Caleta Hotel – ★★★★
Sir Herbert Miles Road
(+350) 20071050
(+350) 20042143

The four star Caleta Hotel offering spectacular views to Spain and North Africa is Gibraltar’s largest hotel with an enviable position on the quieter side of the Rock, only five minutes by bus or taxi to the busy town centre. The location and proximity to the beach and the clear blue Mediterranean makes the hotel unique on the peninsular.

Cannon Hotel – ☆
(+350) 20051711
(+350) 20051789

The Cannon Hotel is situated in the city centre just off the Main Street, with easy access to bars, shops and restaurants. The hotel has been rated with one diamond. This represents the simplest type of guest accommodation scheme.

O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel –
Governor’s Parade
(+350) 20070500
Queen’s Hotel – ☆☆☆
1 Boyd Street
(+350) 20074000
(+350) 20040030

The Queen´s Hotel is situated just outside the historic City Walls of Gibraltar, and commands views of unparalleled beauty over the Rock itself, the coast of Africa, and across the blue waters of the Bay to the nearby towns along the Spanish coastline. Because of our location you have easy access to all beaches and points of interest in Gibraltar. Three minutes walk from Main Street. Three minutes walk from Main Street.

Emile Youth Hostel
(+350) 20051106
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