Gibraltar gossip

Gibraltar gossip

If you are visiting this page hoping to get the gossip then you are in the wrong place.  This page is all about how to avoid gossip and live a happy life.

Gibraltar is rife with it and gossip can be fun if light hearted and not hurtful, but again be warned everyone gets gossiped about.  There is no avoiding the tittle tattle of some people around the rock, thankfully on the whole it is fairly harmless, but can sometimes turn nasty.

This is something that Gibraltar has just not focused on improving, which is really quite astonishing considering her size in relation to how many people live here.  A persons life can be made miserable or ruined by vicious tongues.

There are new laws of anti-harassment but not sure if anyone has actually been arrested, prosecuted or sued yet.  More needs to be done to counter how quickly malicious tongues can destroy lives.  We all have to try to get along, but there are some who use gossip as a method to further themselves in the local community and it spreads from there like a cancer.

So if you are thinking of moving down here don’t be too quick to get involved in the local community, again it is a case of sit back, observe, take your time and suss out who is who and what they are about.  If you meet people who will happily slate or run down others to you just remember they will probably do it to you when your back is turned, so maybe avoid those sorts.