Gibraltar fire and explosion

Gibraltar fire and explosion

Easter Sunday and it’s all go on the rock as a fire breaks out with reports of an explosion at the power station near Gibraltar Port.  Residents were reportedly evacuated in nearby flats and black acrid smoke bellowed at around 1pm.

Fire crews were seen dousing the offending building as the smoke poured from the three air vents on the roof.  The weather was thankfully damp or intermittently pouring down.

Power cuts spread throughout Gibraltar as a result.

But that’s not the worst of it according to the Express all bets were off as power cuts prevented happy gamblers from continuing to ruin their lives and squander away the house keeping.  To quote their article word for broken heart on behalf of the online gaming industry:

‘Other firms were forced to halt all operations during the emergency, on a day which was expected to see tens of millions of pounds worth of business.’

Bless!  Hearts bleeding for them across the nations.

Reportedly the fire is now under control, thank goodness for that.