Getting married in Gibraltar

Getting married in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a wonderful place to get married, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Connery did it so why not you.  It’s easy, it’s glamorous and it’s not as expensive as you’d think.

If you are planning your big day from the UK then there are some helpful hints and tips below, none of them are paid links, just pure recommendation.

For transport services for your guests to and from venues, reception or hotels try these guys, Parody, they operate private hire minibus for up to 25 passengers at a time and their very reasonable at around £60 each way.

For a great local hairdresser, (they have been known to do celebrities) try Angels.

Potential venues include, the Caleta Hotel, The Alameda Gardens.  Mons Calpe is a great location for a reception.  Or why not take a sunset champagne cruise on the Dolphin Safari boat.

For a real choice of venues, florists and other bits and bobs your best bet is to fly out for a weekend with  your intended and have a good recky.  Gib is small and it won’t take you long to find what you are looking for.

You don’t need a wedding planner to help you with your big day, everything you need is available online already, it just takes a little research and a few pointers in the right direction.

Don’t think of Gib as 2000 kilometers away from the UK, she is just the same, just another county, and it’s quicker to get to by plane than to drive to Manchester from Cornwall for example, and probably cheaper considering UK fuel prices road tax etc.

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Getting married in Gibraltar
Some advice and tips on where to find some essentials for planning a wedding in Gibraltar long distance from the UK.