Gibraltar UEFA

Gibraltar UEFA

EUFA here we come.  Meet Gibraltar.  She is a one off and we’ll see how she fairs in their competition.

Gareth Ginge

Beautifully drawn by Gareth Gingell a portrait of the future

For the first time Gibraltar has been listed among the 53 members.  A truly momentous occasion for Gib.

Gibraltar has been planning to build a stadium to more than match any other in the world at Europa Point, however this has hit controversy as can be seen by the great discussion amongst Gibraltarians here on the open discussion  Facebook group ‘Speak Freely’ where people can get a real perspective of the truth.

The main objection against the new stadium seems to be that some Gibraltarians object to the building of the football stadium at Europa Point not because they live near it but because they use the current vacant Europa Point as a place of space and tranquility to escape from the pressures of Gibraltarian life.

However opposition claims that the sacrifice of the area is needed to compete on the world stage of sport. There’s no doubt about it Gib is a real small place with limited options for a worldwide sized football stadium.  Even masters of sea reclamation have got their work cut out for them trying to find a better spot.

Europa Point has been a wasteland, generally unused and unappreciated by generation after generation.  Finally someone has had an idea of what to do with this huge expanse of Gib real estate that no-one has ever wanted, not even the Spanish or Moores, it just happens to be attached to the rest of the rock, and now an answer.  Football.  It all makes so much sense.

But not everyone is happy.  Some residents of Gibraltar say that they need Europa Point to be kept as an unused point so that they can find solitude. So who has the right and what is the answer?

Not clear if everyone’s opinions will be taken into account before the new build starts but Fabian Picardo’s government does have a history of sensitivity and consideration, so the jury is out on this one!

This is Gibraltar

This is Gibraltar by John Middleton


Welcome to the Gibraltar Tourism website where, hopefully, you will find the answers to your questions about Gib.  For example: where do I find the job centre, how easy is it to get a job in Gib, how can I open a bank account, what are the schools like, is there a hospital, what is there to see and do …

We are sure you get the idea or you probably wouldn’t be on this site.  What is all about is offering a fresh look at the rock.  The best parts, the hidden parts and sometimes the not so best bits.  An honest appraisal and something to think about if you are coming to visit, coming to work or coming to invest.

If you take a look at the black bar above you will see a selection of pages dedicated to the various aspects of Gibraltar, at the bottom of this article are some more links and below this pinned post you will see some news blogs that may be of interest to passing visitors.

We prefer not to go into the usual bumf, dadada, like other websites about, Gib is British, phone boxes, British bobbies, bla bla bla, because all the other sites on Gib are so identical you could hold them up to the light and they’d all match.

We are not hear to sing the praises of the unworthy, or ignore the efforts of the worthy.  All places have their ups and downs and Gib is no different in that respect, except we have to say that she is a real one off and shouldn’t be missed, overlooked or underestimated.

This site is a truthful perspective from inside the rock.  So explore and enjoy!

Many useful links below and great Gibraltar information centre.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar all the information or at least a great site to point you in the right direction and help you find the answers to your questions, such as where is the Job Center Gibraltar.

What are the local periodicals, newspapers and magazines, is it worth looking to invest in Gibraltar?  Which banks in Gibraltar.  What are the schools in Gibraltar like?  lifestyle in Gibraltar including what is it like to live in Gibraltar?  What is there to do and see with tours, activities, excursions and things to do.

Where is the cable car?  Gibraltar gossip?  Are there any local celebrities?  What property development is going on? Keep your finger on the pulse of Gibraltar politics.  Is there an ombudsman?  How do the Gibraltar courts and legal system, lawyers, solicitors and barristers in Gibraltar work?

Where to rent a flat, how to find somewhere to live in Gibraltar or invest in property in Gibraltar?  All about tourism in Gibraltar, where to rent or buy a car or bike in Gibraltar.  What is the Gibraltar port authority?  What local tv is there?  Find out about the Government of Gibraltar?

Take a look at The official website of Gibraltar Tourist Board?  For statistics and other information see Wikipedia page?  Do you have a dog, cat or pet and want to know all about vet services and animal health, look up the Gibraltar Kennel Club?  Maybe you are thinking of Getting married in Gibraltar?.

Perhaps you are interested in the annual chess tournament?  Other useful resources such as Gibraltar yellow pages?  Gibraltar has her own GFS Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.  It’s not just all about red post boxes there is a full PO counter service at Gibraltar post office and Royal Mail.

Small but probably one of the most engaging of museums.  Perhaps you are thinking about setting up your own website, find out how to get a .gi website domain.  Take a look at the structure of the Gibraltar Parliament.  Football fans look no further than the Gibraltar football association.

Cricket fans look here Gibraltar cricket.  For all shipping issues there is the Gibraltar ship registry.  Gib even has it’s own darts association.  For networking and getting to know local business contacts there is the Chamber of Commerce.  Something out of the ordinary which proves Gib a constantly developing society is the  amateur radio.  Or the Miss Gibraltar selections.

Are you into yoga?  Forming a company or setting up in business here in Gibraltar this is essential Companies House.  Find out about the local College.

Meet the Royal Gibraltar Police and learn more about the work they do.  A frequently asked question is regarding the health authority, so find out more about the hospitals and health service in Gibraltar.

Which hotels in Gibraltar to stay in and which hotels come out on top from Tripadvisor, plus some local insight.  What are the beaches like?  We even have a cool Reuters news ticker board, world time clock, currency converter and local Gibraltar weather on the right hand side of every page as well as a direct link to the Spain / Gibraltar frontier border queue live webcam.

We aim to offer as much information as possible about Gibraltar.  Basically if you cannot find the answer to your question you can use the search box at the top and if you still don’t find the answer you can email us at for help.

Live arrivals, departures and runway closures for Gibraltar Airport. Please use scroll bars to navigate.
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Nothing worse than needing the answer to a question and finding a lot of unrelated, unhelpful, spin websites that just won’t help.  We are here to help and inform.  Happy surfing :)

By John Middleton  jm  contact

Gibraltar Parliament Walkout!

Gibraltar Parliament Walkout!

The opposing government in Gibraltar, the GSD, staged a walkout in protest to unanswered questions relating to Credit Finance Ltd.  During an interview with YGTV, Daniel Feetham, leader of the GSD, said that ‘it is a very, very important issue and I have to say that I have never, come across a situation, in either our parliament or in a parliament outside of Gibraltar, where you ask the government of the day a question about how £344,000,000, is being spent and the government refuses to answer.’

Mr Feetham is referring to Credit Finance Ltd and savings underwritten by the Gibraltar Government.

He continued that the opposition felt they had no choice other than to walk out, in order to focus peoples minds on the seriousness of the situation, if these investments being made by Credit Finance Ltd go pear shaped it is the tax payer that will have to pick up the bill.  Mr Feetham continues to explain ‘and this is a potential millstone around the necks of not only current but future generations of Gibraltarians.  He goes on to state that this private company has loaned money to the Sunborn project to the tune of 40 million pounds.

He also makes interesting reference to the modern day uses of Facebook and Twitter as tools of instantaneous communications and has even received further information through such social networks regarding other investments.

But will Mr Feetham ever get the answers he desires?  Does he have a right to ask?  And should he be worried about using Facebook and Twitter as other individuals in Gibraltar have been threatened for speaking the truth on such forums, even threatened with legal action by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for daring to get the truth out there.

But the really big question is – why do all roads seem to lead to Ocean Village?

See the full interview below for yourself, courtesy of YGTV

Gibraltar EU tax probe

Gibraltar EU tax probe

one hundred pound note Gibraltar

Questions raised as to whether the territory has breached state aid rules by favouring offshore companies, the European Commission is investigating. In parallel, it is also including Gibraltar in a recently launched informal probe that is examining whether Did Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Gibraltar agree special tax deals with multinationals?

Also undermining the international crackdown on avoidance, Brussels has also ruled that the recently introduced tax break in Britain for patent income amounts to harmful tax competition, showing even more growing tension over policies.

Coming under fire from Germany are the UK “patent box”  as its companies moved to take advantage of Britain’s cut-price tax rate for income earned from patents.

The challenge facing the UK has been mounted under the “code of conduct for business taxation” which was launched in 1997 to curb harmful tax competition between member states. This challenge would require agreement between the other member states before it was obliged to change its system.

In a statement, the Treasury said: “The government is confident that the UK’s Patent Box regime does not breach the EU Code of Conduct Group’s criteria; it is more tightly defined and imposes tougher eligibility criteria than other similar measures in operation that have previously been considered by the Code Group, for example those in France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.”

The investigation into Gibraltar’s regime will look at whether tax exemptions for royalties and interest breach state aid rules. It will be undertaken by the Competition directorate, which has the power to demand that companies pay back any tax relief that was illegally granted.

The investigation, which follows a complaint last year from Spain about 2010 revisions to the Gibraltar code, is the third investigation into potential breaches of the state aid rules by Gibraltar since 2001.

In July, Gibraltar repealed the exemption for inter-company loan interest but the commission said it needed to examine whether there was a breach of the state aid rules during the period when it was in force.

The Gibraltar government said it was confident it could take swift legislative action to address the issues raised. It described the Commission’s rejection of Spain’s broader complaints about its regime as “very positive”.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said: “We are aware that the commission has opened this investigation. Tax matters are a constitutional responsibility of the Government of Gibraltar. We are in contact with the Government of Gibraltar about the investigation and will co-ordinate with them on a response to the commission.”


We’re ready to go – Chuck Hagel

We’re ready to go – Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel says US is 'ready to go' BBC interview

Chuck Hagel says US is ‘ready to go’ BBC interview

Breaking news only minutes ago, Chuck Hagel, US Secretary of Defence, has stated in an interview with the BBC, that America is ‘ready to go’, when asked if President Obama were to give the order to attack Syria, are they in a position to do so at the press of a button?

This in the wake of allegations that chemical weapons have been used in Syria by the Syrian Regime and not the rebels and Russia growling in the background … actually slightly more than growling.

Russian convoy passes through Strait of Gibraltar 2012


But for anyone who’s not been paying attention to the Syrian issue on the news please watch the following youtube film by SourceFed who sum the whole thing up eloquently, and then read on …


Over the past few months at least both Russia and the US have been strategically positioning naval forces in and around the Mediterranean, not to mention Cameron using all the political smoke screen that Gibraltar has to offer in sending naval warships into the Mediterranean under the guise of the Gibraltar border queues, as rightly predicted by months ago something else is going down!

The UK has been preparing it’s warships for any attack or action on Syria.

So how will all these developments affect Gibraltar?  The latest hostilities with Spain will of course disolve.  All ridiculous talk of fighting a neighbour, no matter how long the arguement of Gibraltar has been going on, will disappear, and quite rightly too, because we are EU neighbours and allies with Spain.  Spain and the UK have been allies for years, and as Gib is part of the UK, so Gib is an allie, and a very important one.

We have Moron Airbase and Rota naval base not far away, as published by back in May of this year, suddenly the increased US military presence is clear.

Although Gib likes to be quite insular, shut her eyes and ears to what is really going on in the rest of the world and continue pretending that we’re all still living in the 1950’s, there’s no denying that something serious is about to happen, or at least could.  And things have definately been building for quite some time.

Wonder why Russia suddenly decides to pay a friendly visit to the beautiful island of Cuba at this precise moment in time???

All any of us can do is watch and wait.  But one thing is for certain, all the problems in Syria kinda put the bickering between Spain and Gib into a tiny little box, an infinitesimal  one at that.

Author John Middleton –

Gibraltar spanish fishermen protest exclusive photos

Gibraltar spanish fishermen protest  –  exclusive photos property of

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Gibraltarian onlookers flying the Union Flag

Gibraltarian onlookers flying the Union Flag exclusive property of




Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest


Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest


Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest


Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest

Exclusive to spanish fishermen, Guardia Civil in UK waters Gibraltar conducting protest




Gibraltar border queue live webcam


Gibraltar border queue live webcam

Please use the scroll bars to navigate in the window below.

As the row escalates between Britain and Spain David Cameron has called for European monitors to visit the border between Gibraltar and Spain to see for themselves the excessive border checks that are causing highly distressing delays to commuters, including Gibraltarian locals, Brits and other nationalities and especially Spanish citizens.

But why does David Cameron have to urge the EU to go there when there is a perfectly good live webcam that anyone can watch day or night:


Gibraltar Border Queue


Now the situation is getting so bad that day tour coaches bringing tens of thousands of tourists to Gibraltar every day to see the sights are not willing to risk the long delays. Rather than sit in traffic for up to 3 or 4 hours just to deliver their tourists into Gibraltar, only to have to make the return journey one hour later, not allowing the poor long suffering tourist time to do anything except use the loo and buy a bottle of water and prepare for the long wait back out and then the long journey back to the Costa del Sol, the coaches are opting to drop off in Spain and have the tourists walk in.

The situation is badly hurting the Gibraltar tourist industry, which is obviously part of the plan.

There is no need for the EU to come and see, it is all there for the world to see live on the link above, and now the world is watching.

And much ado is being made about the British warships due to arrive on routine exercise shortly. HMS Westminster, a type 23 frigate, left Portsmouth naval base in Hampshire, to join nine other vessels taking part in a pre-planned international training exercise called Cougar ’13 in the Mediterranean and Gulf. So pretty unlikely to shoot at any Spanish warships, which would of course be a declaration of war and raise eyebrows all over the place to say the least.

So where will all this chest beating end?

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Gibraltar needs Britain

Gibraltar needs Britain


With tensions rising between Gibraltar and Spain over boarder delays and incursions into UK waters, many Gibraltarians are turning to the UK in hope of support and back up to defend them against spain.

With the many, coincidental high profile media visits bringing attention to the existence of our tiny enclave to those back in the UK, such as Towie, Top Gear, New Tricks and of course the marvellousl masterpiece of Britain in the Sun, the profile of Gibraltar has certainly been raised back home, and has possibly provoked some sympathy.

But what has it been like for UK Brits coming to live in Gibraltar over recent years?  How easy is it to get a job, equal rights, what are the schools and hospitals like for those outsiders coming for a new life in the sun.

Is it that UK’s are welcome as tourists with pockets full of money, or redundancy packages, inheritance or other means of small fortunes to sink, or is it a different case for those hard working hoping for an even chance.  What has life really been like here on the rock over the past 10 years or so.

And now that Gib is in need of a bit of back up, perhaps there is a slightly more friendly face being shown.

Is there an anti-Brit tone until the proverbial hits the fan, or are Brits welcome in good weather as well as to help weather spanish storms from across the boarder?

At we’ll be asking these hard hitting questions in the weeks to come.  We are already conducting covert studies of local Brits, their homes, school life and business’s to see if they are treated any differently.  We’ll be revealing if it is true that in Gibraltar it’s who you know and not what you know.  For example, how do the police treat outsiders in comparisson to Gibraltarians, are licenses more readily granted to locals than UK’s.

The results will be published here exclusively for future  Brits and other nationalities, whether hedgefund managers or hard working families and individuals to judge whether Gibraltar is a fair minded and safe place to move to.

All will be revealed soon, so be careful Gibraltar because right now it’s looking like you need Britain.

Author John Middleton –

Gibraltar border queue

Gibraltar border queue

Forget traffic on the M25 or roadworks back in the UK.  Roadworks are a necessary evil of everyday life, traffic congestion from too many cars are just the normal everyday nightmare of the average commuter.

But can citizens back in the UK even begin to imagine the traffic jams here in Gibraltar and what causes them?  Below is a shot of the live runway with commuters queuing for hours to get out of Gibraltar for the weekend.  Delays by the spanish customs stopping every single car for as long as possible in retaliation to political protest from the UK and Gibraltar over the spanish incursion into UK waters on Thursday 25th July.



Spanish patrol boat at the end of Gibraltar runway in UK waters

UK and Spanish authorities in stand off at the end of Gibraltar runway in UK waters

UK and Spanish authorities in stand off at the end of Gibraltar runway in UK waters


Thursday”s incident


Thursday’s incident


Drivers were forced to queue for hours in blistering heat yesterday as Spain tightened its border controls in the wake of the standoff at sea on Thursday.

The tailback hit Gibraltarians, Spaniards and tourists alike, forcing the Royal Gibraltar Police to recall personnel to implement diversions and beachside holding areas. The standstill came after British and Spanish diplomats exchanged words over Thursday’s events (photographed above by at sea in the Bay of Gibraltar.

A spokesman for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office confirmed Britain’s protest to Spain over the actions of Spanish Guardia Civil vessels at sea off the runway.

In turn, Spain’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed that its director general for foreign policy, Ignacio Ybáñez, had contacted Britain’s ambassador to Madrid, Giles Paxman, to complain about the reef and restate Spain’s position on the waters.

Last night a spokesman for the Convent said British officials in London and Madrid had pressed the Spanish government to take action to relieve the border queue.

“The state of delays at the border is of great concern,” the spokesman said.

“The Governor is personally in touch with the FCO and has urged that every effort is made to restore and maintain freedom of movement at the border.”

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo slammed the Spanish tactic of using the border to exert pressure on Gibraltar to the detriment of normal people.

“It’s a typical, childish reaction from Spain,” he said.

At 8.45pm last night, the queue snaked from the border all way to Catalan Bay, where the police had established holding areas. There was also gridlock on parts of Line Wall road and other main routes in the northern part of Gibraltar.

As the extent of the queues became evident late afternoon, the Gibraltar Government despatched a water bowser and ferried waters bottles to the border area.

Members of the Defenders of Gibraltar distributed water to the occupants of trapped vehicles.

The sweltering heat made the wait insufferable for those caught up in the traffic chaos.

“This is inexcusable,” said Marie, a Spanish woman from La Linea who spent four hours in the queue and at 8pm was still waiting at Catalan Bay.

“It’s absolutely horrible.”

The queues immediately began to generate international media interest and a furious response on social media. Tarik el Yabani captured the mood on Twitter.

“We ask, nay, DEMAND the British government fulfill its constitutional duties and defend Gibraltar,” he wrote.

“This is unacceptable in modern day Europe.”

The queues were caused by extreme checks by Guardia Civil officers at the border post.

For hour after hour, every single car was being stopped and pulled over by the Spanish officers. Motorbike riders were also being checked one at a time.

La Linea’s fishermen said they would claim compensation from the Spanish Government for the loss of a fishing ground off Gibraltar’s runway.

Leoncio Fernández, head of the La Linea fisherman’s guild, said the artificial reef had been laid “…with the knowledge of the Spanish authorities, which permitted it to happen.”

He added that Spanish authorities had failed to stop the reef-laying operation from going ahead, hence the compensation claim.

Quotes’s from Gibraltar Chronicle.

John Middleton –


Gibraltar UK warships

Gibraltar UK warships

Send us gunboats is the headline in the Express on 21st July 13, as Fabian Picardo calls for a greater presence of UK navy to protect Gibraltar, after the jetski incident.

Fabian Picardo in Casemates 29th June 2013, exclusive photo property of Gibraltar Tourism.

Fabian Picardo in Casemates 29th June 2013, exclusive photo property of Gibraltar Tourism.

As rightly predicted in a previous article Mediterranean war – Gibraltar the call for an increase in UK military presence was inevitable, but what is the real reason behind it?

It will be interesting to see any official response from David Cameron to Mr Picardo’s plea in the days to come.  Either the UK will offer vocal support and sympathy and nothing else, or they will indeed send support, but if the latter will it be for protection of Gibraltarians against neighbouring and EU Spain, or will there be another subject on the adjenda?  Perhaps Russia, Syria, Cyprus …

At the same moment in time the Royal Navy takes receipt of the new Merlin helicopter fleet.  Interesting times.



John Middleton –