Bullying in Gibraltar

Bullying in Gibraltar


Every country, city, town and village have the issue of bullying to deal with.  It is a social issue that effects every part of the world, in schools, the the work place, in a social environment.  But what seperates the men from the boys is how a country, city, town or village deal with this issue.

DAWN – Dignity at Work Now in Gibraltar are there to help and Gibraltar-Tourism.com fully supports their cause.

Bullying can happen anywhere, not just at school or in the work place.  According to DAWN the process evolves as below:

‘A perpetrator’s use of bullying behaviours often escalates in frequency and intensity over time. Typically, four stages of workplace bullying have been identified.

Stage 1: Bullying generally begins with aggressive behaviours, which are often indirect and subtle in nature, such as not sharing information or returning phone calls.

Covert forms of aggression are significantly more frequent in workplaces than overt forms. Perpetrators may employ these behaviours in order to maximise the harm inflicted on the target, whilst at the same time minimising the danger to themselves, e.g. reducing the risk of being identified as the perpetrator.

Stage 2 and 3: The second stage involves more direct negative behaviours, which can be clearly identified as bullying, such as verbal abuse and rumour spreading. This eventually leads to the third stage, which involves stigmatisation and victimisation of the target, who finds it increasingly difficult to defend him/herself. This may be compounded by the fact that over time the bullying gets increasingly serious and more perpetrators become involved.

Stage 4: By the fourth stage the target is severely traumatised and experiences negative psychological and physical symptoms. This often results in people leaving the organisation, either on the grounds of dismissal, redundancy or voluntarily. By this advanced stage the situation is beyond the target’s control. It is often difficult to remove the perpetrator from the organisation because either he/she is in a senior position, or because it is not easy to prove bullying has happened or collect evidence about it, and there may be legal constraints on dismissals. The entire bullying process is often long and drawn-out; in most cases lasting for more than a year and often more than two years.’

In a Panorama publication on the subject it was identified that:

‘Importantly it was also highlighted that these high incidences of complaints point a finger at middle managers as the bullying defendant.’

Gibraltar is trying to tackle the issue of bullying, which is commendable and classic of a small community ever evolving for the better, but it is a huge issue and so Gibraltar Tourism will be posting more on the subject in the weeks to come, in the hope of gathering support from schools, employers and large corporations to work together to stamp it out and support DAWN in their work

If you are being bullied you can call the DAWN helpline on + 350 57799000


anti-bullying campaign Gibraltar

Oxford dictionary definition of a bully:

  • a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Celebrities, including Julian Lennon, who recently visited Gibraltar to open the John Lennon  museum, have joined together to raise awareness of bullying.  Please watch the film below which includes a host of celebrities.

To quote Julian Lennon, anyone who joins the march on this should be proud.

Gibraltar Tourism are gathering support from corporations and employers in Gibraltar to implement and support anti-bullying in the work place.

We’ll be publishing a list of corporations in Gibraltar that support anti-bullying.  We will be approaching most of the major employers within Gib and asking how they deal with bullying.

Bullying occurs in many parts of society and not just at school and work, we’ll be exploring other forms of bullying in the weeks to come.

This latest entry on our Gibraltar anti-bullying series has been published by John Middleton of Gibraltar Tourism.

Written by John Middleton of Gibraltar Tourism


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Bullying in Gibraltar
An article on how Gibraltar tackles bullying and recognition that it does exist in Gibraltar in schools, in the workplace and in society.