Barack Obama to visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Barack Obama to visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Fabian Picardo in Casemates 29th June 2013, exclusive photo property of Gibraltar Tourism.

The Charismatic Fabian Picardo. (exclusive photo property of rumour control has received reliable information that the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama may have Gibraltar on his list of official visits during 2014.

It would seem that Gibraltar’s charismatic Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has worked his charm and won the hearts of the USA, on a recent international visit.

So hold onto your hats, if this is true then it would well and truly put Gibraltar on the international stage.  Most likely cause a few ruffled feathers in some quarters, but undeniably fill every Gibraltarian heart with pride and joy.

G-T have inside contacts that have provided us with reliable information that Gibraltar is seriously being considered as a potential for the 2014 schedule.  Fingers crossed.  We can hear the scrabble for invites to state dinners, but careful everybody, all attendees undergo security scrutiny, with special attention to past records of behaviour and whether you know which knife and fork to hold.

No doubt opposition will be second in line after government ministers, an assortment of the local dignitaries and perhaps the odd cleaning lady who has dedicated her life to cleaning some public toilets somewhere.  You know, the usual honours list kind of thing.

We will update on any developments, all very exciting, and remember you heard it here first.