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If you want to know the latest information on flight arrivals and departures at Gibraltar, as well as runway closures then look no further.

Sometimes, due to bad weather, Gibraltar flights are diverted to Malaga, which is a bit of a nightmare for the passengers and loved ones waiting for them, as it involves a long minibus journey from Malaga back to Gib.


The runway is 6000 feet in length (or 1828 meters) and has water at both ends.  Although an unusual configuration it is one of the safest airports to land and take off.  Only the very best pilots are allowed to land and take off, safety measures are extremely high and it is under the control of the Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defence, so you can’t be in safer hands than that.

There are currently four airline operators transporting from Gib:

British Airways – London Heathrow

Easyjet – London Gatwick

Monarch – Birmingham / London Luton / Manchester

Royal Air Maroc – Marrakech

With hundreds of thousands of landings and take offs there has only been one really serious incident which occurred during WWII killing everyone onboard including  Lt. Gen. Władysław Sikorski, commander-in-chief of the Polish Army and Prime Minister of the Polish government in exile, but that’s another story.

The cost of living in Gibraltar – food prices

The cost of living in Gibraltar – food prices

The big cheese on the name brands is Morrison’s supermarket, located on reclaimed ground, with a huge convenient carpark and all the signs and indications that this is the same as Morrison’s UK, but there is a catch.  It’s really, really expensive.

The cost of living in Gibraltar is high in comparison to other parts of the UK, understandable, good climate, small place, in demand, therefore wages tend to be lower and rents higher.  But generally we don’t expect to see jars of Marmite retail at around £5, which has been known.

The simplicities of culinary delight such as fish fingers £6 for a pack of 10 are unheard of back on the mainland UK.  There are two major supermarkets in Gibraltar, Morrison’s, the well known UK brand name, synonymous with value cut price, but unfortunately the company logo is where the resemblance ends, and then there is Eroski, a spanish brand name.

The former, Morrisons, is nothing to do with or anything like Morrisons UK, it is as expensive as the Food Halls of Harrods, and there is a very good reason for this.  Morrisons Gibraltar is a tourist attraction.  Day trip coaches and families from the Costa del Sol travelling by car, flood into Gibraltar for their Marmite and Heinz, seemingly unaware that all the UK products are available in Spain, and Morrisons Gibraltar know this and charge a high premium for all the usual basics that are a fraction of the price back in the UK.

Their reasoning is that it costs a lot of money to transport the goods by lorry from the UK.  But why is it that their spanish counterparts don’t charge anywhere near as much for the same and yet are in the same geographical dilemma?

More perplexing, why do the Brits flood down, travelling miles and miles in the hot sun, fight the border queue and then pay through the nose for a jar of Marmite?  Maybe they are paying for the privilege of being served in English, perhaps that makes the Marmite taste all the better.  But in recent times, finally a genuine alternative has sprung up, Eroski.

Eroski is part of the Waitrose group.  How ironic!  The old joke back in the UK was that Marks and Spencers food chain was created to keep the peasants out of Waitrose, that’s how posh and expensive it is back in the good old UK, and yet here in Gibraltar it is a breath of fresh air.  Finally some competition for Morrisons, finally Marmite available elsewhere at normal prices.  Finally an end to the monopoly.

But even Eroski is still more expensive that Spain, for exactly the same products, but for Gibraltarians too tired to cross the border just for shopping, Eroski is a blessing.  Although Eroski is a spanish brand and Morrisons tries to have that British feel, nothing really feels the same as a UK supermarket, it’s just not quite that way down this neck of the woods, but then you wouldn’t expect any less.  When in Rome :)

It’s not all bad,  there are a few lost leaders in Morrisons, and it is definitely worth a visit, but is packed and has very narrow isles with longer queues than the frontier.  Maybe they should fit a webcam so people can check delays and inflation prices before setting off to do the family shop.

Things to consider before moving out here and to take into account of the household budget.

Gibraltar politics

Gibraltar politics

Gibraltar politics is not what you think, again.  To really find out what’s going on, who thinks what the two links below are unbelievably helpful.  They are both facebook groups, both closed and you have to apply to join, but no problem they welcome everyone.

Both full of a wealth of information and both run by fantastic admin.  These two Facebook groups have changed the face of Gibraltar.


Lifestyle in Gibraltar

Lifestyle in Gibraltar

What is it like to live in Gibraltar?  Good question.

Life in Gib can be great, but that all depends on how you enter into the spirit of things.  It can be tough too, tougher that back in the UK.  Gibraltar is a very small place with a lot of people living in it and you can easily find yourself on the wrong end of a big fish in a tiny little puddle.

There is of course the old saying, how to find a small fortune in Gibraltar?  Answer, bring a big one.  So if you are thinking of coming down to invest or start up a business be ready for the wild west because you are bound to tread on someone’s toes.

The whole system is set up to protect the interests of the established, new comers are not necessarily welcome, unless they come as tourists for the day with pockets full of money.

So prepare yourself to stand firm, plan your strategy and finances for the long haul, be willing to get a job doing anything, not so much for the money as to find your feet, some friends and the lay of the land.

No exaggeration, Gib is not for the faint hearted, many a broken bank balance and heart have cried all the way back on the nearest Easyjet.  It may be nice to come for a holiday and see the place through rose tinted glasses but relocating may become something you once dreamed of but regretted once here.  So take your time and get it right.

This site is an attempt to give some insight into the real Gib and help new comers find the answers they need.

Good luck!

Gibraltar fire and explosion

Gibraltar fire and explosion

Easter Sunday and it’s all go on the rock as a fire breaks out with reports of an explosion at the power station near Gibraltar Port.  Residents were reportedly evacuated in nearby flats and black acrid smoke bellowed at around 1pm.

Fire crews were seen dousing the offending building as the smoke poured from the three air vents on the roof.  The weather was thankfully damp or intermittently pouring down.

Power cuts spread throughout Gibraltar as a result.

But that’s not the worst of it according to the Express all bets were off as power cuts prevented happy gamblers from continuing to ruin their lives and squander away the house keeping.  To quote their article word for broken heart on behalf of the online gaming industry:

‘Other firms were forced to halt all operations during the emergency, on a day which was expected to see tens of millions of pounds worth of business.’

Bless!  Hearts bleeding for them across the nations.

Reportedly the fire is now under control, thank goodness for that.

Barack Obama to visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Barack Obama to visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Fabian Picardo in Casemates 29th June 2013, exclusive photo property of Gibraltar Tourism.

The Charismatic Fabian Picardo. (exclusive photo property of rumour control has received reliable information that the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama may have Gibraltar on his list of official visits during 2014.

It would seem that Gibraltar’s charismatic Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has worked his charm and won the hearts of the USA, on a recent international visit.

So hold onto your hats, if this is true then it would well and truly put Gibraltar on the international stage.  Most likely cause a few ruffled feathers in some quarters, but undeniably fill every Gibraltarian heart with pride and joy.

G-T have inside contacts that have provided us with reliable information that Gibraltar is seriously being considered as a potential for the 2014 schedule.  Fingers crossed.  We can hear the scrabble for invites to state dinners, but careful everybody, all attendees undergo security scrutiny, with special attention to past records of behaviour and whether you know which knife and fork to hold.

No doubt opposition will be second in line after government ministers, an assortment of the local dignitaries and perhaps the odd cleaning lady who has dedicated her life to cleaning some public toilets somewhere.  You know, the usual honours list kind of thing.

We will update on any developments, all very exciting, and remember you heard it here first.

Gibraltar UEFA

Gibraltar UEFA

EUFA here we come.  Meet Gibraltar.  She is a one off and we’ll see how she fairs in their competition.

Gareth Ginge

Beautifully drawn by Gareth Gingell a portrait of the future

For the first time Gibraltar has been listed among the 53 members.  A truly momentous occasion for Gib.

Gibraltar has been planning to build a stadium to more than match any other in the world at Europa Point, however this has hit controversy as can be seen by the great discussion amongst Gibraltarians here on the open discussion  Facebook group ‘Speak Freely’ where people can get a real perspective of the truth.

The main objection against the new stadium seems to be that some Gibraltarians object to the building of the football stadium at Europa Point not because they live near it but because they use the current vacant Europa Point as a place of space and tranquility to escape from the pressures of Gibraltarian life.

However opposition claims that the sacrifice of the area is needed to compete on the world stage of sport. There’s no doubt about it Gib is a real small place with limited options for a worldwide sized football stadium.  Even masters of sea reclamation have got their work cut out for them trying to find a better spot.

Europa Point has been a wasteland, generally unused and unappreciated by generation after generation.  Finally someone has had an idea of what to do with this huge expanse of Gib real estate that no-one has ever wanted, not even the Spanish or Moores, it just happens to be attached to the rest of the rock, and now an answer.  Football.  It all makes so much sense.

But not everyone is happy.  Some residents of Gibraltar say that they need Europa Point to be kept as an unused point so that they can find solitude. So who has the right and what is the answer?

Not clear if everyone’s opinions will be taken into account before the new build starts but Fabian Picardo’s government does have a history of sensitivity and consideration, so the jury is out on this one!

This is Gibraltar

This is Gibraltar by John Middleton


Welcome to the Gibraltar Tourism website where, hopefully, you will find the answers to your questions about Gib.  For example: where do I find the job centre, how easy is it to get a job in Gib, how can I open a bank account, what are the schools like, is there a hospital, what is there to see and do …

We are sure you get the idea or you probably wouldn’t be on this site.  What is all about is offering a fresh look at the rock.  The best parts, the hidden parts and sometimes the not so best bits.  An honest appraisal and something to think about if you are coming to visit, coming to work or coming to invest.

If you take a look at the black bar above you will see a selection of pages dedicated to the various aspects of Gibraltar, at the bottom of this article are some more links and below this pinned post you will see some news blogs that may be of interest to passing visitors.

We prefer not to go into the usual bumf, dadada, like other websites about, Gib is British, phone boxes, British bobbies, bla bla bla, because all the other sites on Gib are so identical you could hold them up to the light and they’d all match.

We are not hear to sing the praises of the unworthy, or ignore the efforts of the worthy.  All places have their ups and downs and Gib is no different in that respect, except we have to say that she is a real one off and shouldn’t be missed, overlooked or underestimated.

This site is a truthful perspective from inside the rock.  So explore and enjoy!

Many useful links below and great Gibraltar information centre.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar all the information or at least a great site to point you in the right direction and help you find the answers to your questions, such as where is the Job Center Gibraltar.

What are the local periodicals, newspapers and magazines, is it worth looking to invest in Gibraltar?  Which banks in Gibraltar.  What are the schools in Gibraltar like?  lifestyle in Gibraltar including what is it like to live in Gibraltar?  What is there to do and see with tours, activities, excursions and things to do.

Where is the cable car?  Gibraltar gossip?  Are there any local celebrities?  What property development is going on? Keep your finger on the pulse of Gibraltar politics.  Is there an ombudsman?  How do the Gibraltar courts and legal system, lawyers, solicitors and barristers in Gibraltar work?

Where to rent a flat, how to find somewhere to live in Gibraltar or invest in property in Gibraltar?  All about tourism in Gibraltar, where to rent or buy a car or bike in Gibraltar.  What is the Gibraltar port authority?  What local tv is there?  Find out about the Government of Gibraltar?

Take a look at The official website of Gibraltar Tourist Board?  For statistics and other information see Wikipedia page?  Do you have a dog, cat or pet and want to know all about vet services and animal health, look up the Gibraltar Kennel Club?  Maybe you are thinking of Getting married in Gibraltar?.

Perhaps you are interested in the annual chess tournament?  Other useful resources such as Gibraltar yellow pages?  Gibraltar has her own GFS Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.  It’s not just all about red post boxes there is a full PO counter service at Gibraltar post office and Royal Mail.

Small but probably one of the most engaging of museums.  Perhaps you are thinking about setting up your own website, find out how to get a .gi website domain.  Take a look at the structure of the Gibraltar Parliament.  Football fans look no further than the Gibraltar football association.

Cricket fans look here Gibraltar cricket.  For all shipping issues there is the Gibraltar ship registry.  Gib even has it’s own darts association.  For networking and getting to know local business contacts there is the Chamber of Commerce.  Something out of the ordinary which proves Gib a constantly developing society is the  amateur radio.  Or the Miss Gibraltar selections.

Are you into yoga?  Forming a company or setting up in business here in Gibraltar this is essential Companies House.  Find out about the local College.

Meet the Royal Gibraltar Police and learn more about the work they do.  A frequently asked question is regarding the health authority, so find out more about the hospitals and health service in Gibraltar.

Which hotels in Gibraltar to stay in and which hotels come out on top from Tripadvisor, plus some local insight.  What are the beaches like?  We even have a cool Reuters news ticker board, world time clock, currency converter and local Gibraltar weather on the right hand side of every page as well as a direct link to the Spain / Gibraltar frontier border queue live webcam.

We aim to offer as much information as possible about Gibraltar.  Basically if you cannot find the answer to your question you can use the search box at the top and if you still don’t find the answer you can email us at for help.

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Nothing worse than needing the answer to a question and finding a lot of unrelated, unhelpful, spin websites that just won’t help.  We are here to help and inform.  Happy surfing :)

By John Middleton  jm  contact

Gibraltar Parliament Walkout!

Gibraltar Parliament Walkout!

The opposing government in Gibraltar, the GSD, staged a walkout in protest to unanswered questions relating to Credit Finance Ltd.  During an interview with YGTV, Daniel Feetham, leader of the GSD, said that ‘it is a very, very important issue and I have to say that I have never, come across a situation, in either our parliament or in a parliament outside of Gibraltar, where you ask the government of the day a question about how £344,000,000, is being spent and the government refuses to answer.’

Mr Feetham is referring to Credit Finance Ltd and savings underwritten by the Gibraltar Government.

He continued that the opposition felt they had no choice other than to walk out, in order to focus peoples minds on the seriousness of the situation, if these investments being made by Credit Finance Ltd go pear shaped it is the tax payer that will have to pick up the bill.  Mr Feetham continues to explain ‘and this is a potential millstone around the necks of not only current but future generations of Gibraltarians.  He goes on to state that this private company has loaned money to the Sunborn project to the tune of 40 million pounds.

He also makes interesting reference to the modern day uses of Facebook and Twitter as tools of instantaneous communications and has even received further information through such social networks regarding other investments.

But will Mr Feetham ever get the answers he desires?  Does he have a right to ask?  And should he be worried about using Facebook and Twitter as other individuals in Gibraltar have been threatened for speaking the truth on such forums, even threatened with legal action by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for daring to get the truth out there.

But the really big question is – why do all roads seem to lead to Ocean Village?

See the full interview below for yourself, courtesy of YGTV