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This is Gibraltar by John Middleton




If you are thinking of staying in Gibraltar then check out our local knowledge of the hotels available here before making your reservation or booking.  For an honest and unbias look at the hotels in Gibraltar.

Welcome to the Gibraltar Tourism website where, hopefully, you will find the answers to your questions about Gib.  For example: where do I find the job centre, how easy is it to get a job in Gib, how can I open a bank account, what are the schools like, is there a hospital, what is there to see and do …

We are sure you get the idea or you probably wouldn’t be on this site.  What is all about is offering a fresh look at the rock.  The best parts, the hidden parts and sometimes the not so best bits.  An honest appraisal and something to think about if you are coming to visit, coming to work or coming to invest.

If you take a look at the black bar above you will see a selection of pages dedicated to the various aspects of Gibraltar, at the bottom of this article are some more links and on the right hand side you will see some news blogs that may be of interest to passing visitors.

We prefer not to go into the usual bumf, dadada, like other websites about, Gib is British, phone boxes, British bobbies, bla bla bla, because all the other sites on Gib are so identical you could hold them up to the light and they’d all match.

We are not hear to sing the praises of the unworthy, or ignore the efforts of the worthy.  All places have their ups and downs and Gib is no different in that respect, except we have to say that she is a real one off and shouldn’t be missed, overlooked or underestimated.

This site is a truthful perspective from inside the rock.  So explore and enjoy!

Gibraltar hotel reservations and bookings

Rock tours Gibraltar – see the apes, St.Michaels Cave and spectacular views as well as having a taste of living history.

Many useful links below and great Gibraltar information centre.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar all the information or at least a great site to point you in the right direction and help you find the answers to your questions, such as where is the Job Center Gibraltar.

What are the local periodicals, newspapers and magazines, is it worth looking to invest in Gibraltar?  Which banks in Gibraltar.  What are the schools in Gibraltar like?  lifestyle in Gibraltar including what is it like to live in Gibraltar?  What is there to do and see with tours, activities, excursions and things to do.

Where is the cable car?  Gibraltar gossip?  Are there any local celebrities?  What property development is going on? Keep your finger on the pulse of Gibraltar politics.  Is there an ombudsman?  How do the Gibraltar courts and legal system, lawyers, solicitors and barristers in Gibraltar work?

Where to rent a flat, how to find somewhere to live in Gibraltar or invest in property in Gibraltar?  All about tourism in Gibraltar, where to rent or buy a car or bike in Gibraltar.  What is the Gibraltar port authority?  What local tv is there?  Find out about the Government of Gibraltar?

Take a look at The official website of Gibraltar Tourist Board?  For statistics and other information see Wikipedia page?  Do you have a dog, cat or pet and want to know all about vet services and animal health, look up the Gibraltar Kennel Club?  Maybe you are thinking of Getting married in Gibraltar?.

Perhaps you are interested in the annual chess tournament?  Other useful resources such as Gibraltar yellow pages?  Gibraltar has her own GFS Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.  It’s not just all about red post boxes there is a full PO counter service at Gibraltar post office and Royal Mail.

Small but probably one of the most engaging of museums.  Perhaps you are thinking about setting up your own website, find out how to get a .gi website domain.  Take a look at the structure of the Gibraltar Parliament.  Football fans look no further than the Gibraltar football association.

Cricket fans look here Gibraltar cricket.  For all shipping issues there is the Gibraltar ship registry.  Gib even has it’s own darts association.  For networking and getting to know local business contacts there is the Chamber of Commerce.  Something out of the ordinary which proves Gib a constantly developing society is the  amateur radio.  Or the Miss Gibraltar selections.

Are you into yoga?  Forming a company or setting up in business here in Gibraltar this is essential Companies House.  Find out about the local College.

Meet the Royal Gibraltar Police and learn more about the work they do.  A frequently asked question is regarding the health authority, so find out more about the hospitals and health service in Gibraltar.

Which hotels in Gibraltar to stay in and which hotels come out on top from Tripadvisor, plus some local insight.  What are the beaches like?  We even have a cool Reuters news ticker board, world time clock, currency converter and local Gibraltar weather on the right hand side of every page as well as a direct link to the Spain / Gibraltar frontier border queue live webcam.

We aim to offer as much information as possible about Gibraltar.  Basically if you cannot find the answer to your question you can use the search box at the top and if you still don’t find the answer you can email us at for help.

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Nothing worse than needing the answer to a question and finding a lot of unrelated, unhelpful, spin websites that just won’t help.  We are here to help and inform.  Happy surfing :)

By John Middleton  jm  contact

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An introduction to Gibraltar with links and information on most subjects about Gibraltar. A great resource for those looking for answers including live airport arrivals and departures and live frontier webcam.